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ASTM B363 is a standard specification for titanium and titanium alloy pipe fittings. It covers various types of fittings used in piping systems made from commercially pure titanium or titanium alloys. These fittings are commonly used in industries such as chemical processing, oil and gas, aerospace, and marine applications.

There are several types of titanium pipe fittings covered by ASTM B363. Here are some commonly used ones:

1. Titanium Elbows: These fittings allow for directional changes in the pipeline, typically at a 90-degree or 45-degree angle.

titanium elbows

2. Titanium Tees: Tees are used to create branch connections in the pipeline, forming a "T" shape. They allow for the flow of fluid in two directions.

titanium tee

3. Titanium Reducers: Reducers are used to connect pipes of different diameters. They come in concentric and eccentric designs, allowing for a smooth transition in pipe size.

titanium reducer

4. Titanium Couplings: Couplings are used to join two pipes together. They provide a secure and leak-proof connection.

titanium coupling

5. Titanium Caps: Caps are used to seal the end of a pipe. They are typically used for closing off a pipeline or during maintenance and inspections.

titanium caps

6. Titanium Crosses: Crosses are similar to tees but with an additional outlet. They allow for the flow of fluid in three directions.
titanium cross fittings

7. Titanium stub end consists of a short piece of titanium pipe with one end that is flared out, allowing it to be easily welded to the pipe or equipment. The other end of the stub end remains straight and is designed to fit inside the lap joint flange. This arrangement allows for easy alignment and installation during the welding process.
titanium stub end

The following is titanium pipe fittings material grades and designations in DIN and ASTM standard.

ASTM Grade




Grade 1

Commercially pure



Grade 2

Commercially pure



Grade 3

Commercially pure



Grade 4

Commercially pure



Grade 5




Grade 7




Grade 9




Grade 12




Grade 23

Ti-6Al-4V ELI




The types of titanium butt-welded elbows, including 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and 180 degrees, are commonly used for directional changes in piping systems. The straight tees, reducing tees, reducers, and lap-joint stub ends offer flexibility in creating branch connections, size transitions, and secure joints.

The size range from 1/2 to 48 inches and the wall thickness range from SCH5S to SCH160 provide options to accommodate different pipe dimensions and pressure requirements.

The standards ANSI B16.9 and ASTM B363 ensure the quality and compatibility of the fittings, while the materials mentioned, such as Titanium Gr1, Gr2, Gr7, Gr12, Nickel UNS N02200, and Zirconium 702, 704, offer a variety of choices depending on the specific application and corrosion resistance needed.

The tests including PT (Penetrant Testing), RT (Radiographic Testing), and PMI (Positive Material Identification), ensure the quality and integrity of the fittings.

The EN 10204-3.1 certificate provides traceability and documentation of the product's compliance with the specified requirements.

The applications such as petrochemical, chemical, vessels, and machinery, highlight the versatility of these fittings in various industries.

The MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) of 1 piece allows for flexibility in ordering, and the price can be determined based on the latest market rates.

Packaging in a plywood case ensures the safe transportation of the fittings, and the delivery term of 10 to 20 days provides an estimated timeframe for receiving the order.

Titanium pipe fittings offer several advantages and find special applications in various industries.

  1. Pumps: Titanium pipe fittings are widely used in pumps due to their excellent corrosion resistance. They can withstand aggressive fluids and chemicals, making them suitable for applications involving corrosive liquids.
    titanium fittings for pumps

  2. Pulp and Paper Mills: Titanium fittings are used in pulp and paper mills where the process involves corrosive chemicals and high temperatures. Their resistance to chemicals and heat makes them ideal for handling corrosive pulps and bleaching agents.
    titanium fittings for pulp and paper mill

  3. Environmental Protecting Equipment: Titanium pipe fittings are commonly used in environmental protection equipment like scrubbers and exhaust systems. They can withstand exposure to acidic gases, corrosive fumes, and high temperatures, ensuring the longevity and efficiency of the equipment.
    titanium pipe fittings for environment protection equipment

  4. Offshore Applications: Titanium fittings are highly sought after in offshore industries due to their exceptional resistance to seawater corrosion. They are used in offshore platforms, subsea pipelines, and underwater equipment where exposure to seawater and harsh conditions is common.
    titanium fittings for offshore project

  5. Power Generation Plants: Titanium pipe fittings find applications in power generation plants, especially in systems that handle hot and corrosive fluids. They are used in heat exchangers, condensers, and cooling systems, where their resistance to corrosion and high temperatures is crucial.
    titanium fittings for power generation plant

  6. Refineries: Titanium fittings are utilized in refineries for their resistance to corrosive fluids, acids, and high temperatures. They are commonly used in processes involving the transportation and handling of chemicals, acids, and hydrocarbons.
    refinery titanium fittings

  7. Pressure Vessels: Titanium pipe fittings are used in pressure vessels for their high strength and corrosion resistance. They are suitable for applications involving high-pressure fluids and gases, such as in chemical plants and oil refineries.
    titanium fittings for vessels

  8. Chemical Plants: Titanium fittings are widely used in chemical plants due to their excellent resistance to corrosive chemicals. They are utilized in various processes, including chemical transportation, storage, and reaction systems, ensuring the integrity and longevity of the equipment.
    titanium fittings for chemical plant

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