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  • Titanium Gr2 Concentric Reducers
Titanium Gr2 Concentric Reducers

Titanium Gr2 Concentric Reducers

  • Product No.:202382311833
  • Price:10$-1200$
  • Material Grade:Titanium Gr2
  • Size:3/4
  • Test:RT
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Exploring the Benefits of Titanium Gr2 Concentric Reducers

A Gr2 Titanium concentric reducer is a component in a piping system that changes the pipe size from a larger to a smaller bore. A reducer allows for a change in pipe size to meet flow requirements or to adapt to existing piping. The length of the reduction is usually equal to the average of the larger and smaller pipe diameters.

Titanium Concentric Reducers Dimension in accordance with ANSI B16.9/ASME B16.9

titanium reducer

Dimensions of Concentric & Eccentric Reducers ASME/ANSI B16.9
Nominal Pipe Size NPS Outside Diameter at Bevel End to end Nominal Pipe Size NPS Outside Diameter at Bevel End to end
DlxD2 (mm) L (mm) DlxD2 (mm) L (mm)
3/4X1/2 26.7x21.3 38.1 4x2-l/2 114.3x73.0 101.6
3/4x3/8 26.7x17.1 4x2 114.3x60.3
    4X1-1/2 114.3x48.3
1x3/4 lxl/2 33.4x26.7 50.8 5x4 114.3x114.3 127
33.4x21.3 5x3-l/2 114.3x101.6
  5x3 114.3x88.9
  5x2-l/2 114.3x73.0
  5x2 114.3x60.3
1-1/4X1 42.2x33.4 50.8 6x5 168.3x141.3 139.7
l-l/4x3/4 42.2x26.7 6x4 168.3x114.3
1-1/4X1/2 42.2x21.3 6x3-l/2 168.3x101.6
    6x3 168.3x88.9
    6x2-l/2 168.3x73.0
1-1/2X1-1/4 48.3x42.2 63.5 8x6 219.1x168.3 152.4
1-1/2X1 48.3x33.4 8x5 219.1x1413
1-1/2X3/4 48.3x26.7 8x4 219.1x114.3
1-1/2X1/2 48.3x21.3 8x3-l/2 219.1x101.6
2X1-1/2 60.3x48.3 76.2 10x8 273.1x219.1 177.8
2-1/2X1-1/4 60.3x42.2 10x6 273.1x168.3
2x1 60.3x33.4 10x5 273.1x141.3
2x3/4 60.3x26.7 10x4 12x10 273.1x114.3
2-l/2x2 70.3x60.3 88.9 12x10 323.9x273.1 203.2
2-1/2X1-1/2 70.3x483 12x8 323.9x219.1
2-1/2X1-1/4 70.3x42.2 12x6 323.9x1683
2-1/2X1 70.3x33.4 12x5 323.9x141.3
3x2-l/2 88.9x73.0 88.9 14x12 355.6x323.9 330.2
3x2 88.9x60.3 14x10 355.6x273.1
3X1-1/2 88.9x48.3 14x8 355.6x219.1
3X1-1/4 88.9x42.2 14x6 355.6x168.3
3-l/2x3 101.6x88.9 101.6 16x14 406.4x355.6 355.6
3-l/2x2-l/2 101.6x73.0
3-l/2x2 101.6x60.3
3-1/2X1-1/2 101.6x48.3
3-1/2X1-1/4 101.6x42.2
4x3-l/2 114.3x101.6 101.6      
4x3 114.3x88.9


The General size for titanium concentric reducers are from 3/4" to 48", we can produce titanium concentric reducers with seamless or welded type, and our welded titanium concentric reducers are 100% radiographic tested in accordance with ASME V and ASME VIII.


Titanium concentric reducers are widely used in various industries for their unique properties and benefits. In this article, we will explore the advantages of using titanium concentric reducers and how they can enhance the efficiency and performance of different systems.

Lightweight and High Strength

  • Titanium concentric reducers are known for their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.
  • They are significantly lighter than reducers made from other materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel.
  • This lightweight property makes them ideal for applications where weight reduction is crucial, such as aerospace and automotive industries.

Corrosion Resistance

  • Titanium concentric reducers exhibit excellent corrosion resistance, even in harsh environments.
  • They are highly resistant to corrosion caused by chemicals, acids, and saltwater.
  • This corrosion resistance makes them suitable for applications in chemical processing plants, offshore oil rigs, and marine industries.

High Temperature Resistance

  • Titanium concentric reducers can withstand high temperatures without losing their structural integrity.
  • They have a melting point of around 1668°C (3034°F), which is much higher than other metals.
  • This high temperature resistance makes them suitable for applications in heat exchangers, power plants, and other high-temperature environments.

Low Thermal Expansion

  • Titanium concentric reducers have a low coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • This means that they expand and contract less with temperature changes compared to other materials.
  • This property makes them ideal for applications where dimensional stability is crucial, such as in precision instruments and machinery.



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