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Tungsten plates Tungsten plates

Tungsten plates

  • Product No.:2023628152748
  • Price:perform the lastest price
  • Material Grade:99.95% Purity
  • Size:0.5-100mm
  • Test:Mechanical and chemical test
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Tungsten plates/ tungsten sheets

Chemical Composition- Tungsten 99.95%min.

Size: thickness: 0.1-30mm*width: 180-900mm*length:300-3000mm


Element Composition, max, % Permissible Variations in Check Analysis, %
C 0.01 +/-0.002
O 0.01 +10% relative
N 0.01 +0.001
Fe 0.01 +0.001
Ni 0.01 +0.001
Si 0.01 +0.001

Tungsten plates, also known as tungsten sheets or tungsten foils, are flat, thin sheets made from the metal tungsten. Tungsten is a refractory metal known for its high melting point, exceptional hardness, and excellent resistance to heat, wear, and corrosion. Tungsten plates have several applications across various industries. Here are some common uses:

Electrical and electronic industry: Tungsten plates are used in electrical contacts, heat sinks, and electrodes due to their high thermal and electrical conductivity. They are commonly found in electronic devices, such as semiconductors, vacuum tubes, and X-ray tubes.

Aerospace and defense: Tungsten plates find applications in the aerospace and defense sectors, where their high density and strength are valuable. They are used in the production of aircraft parts, missiles, armor-piercing ammunition, and high-velocity projectiles.

Furnace components: Tungsten plates are utilized in high-temperature furnaces and heating elements due to their ability to withstand extreme temperatures without warping or deforming. They are commonly used as heat shields, reflectors, and crucibles.

Medical and radiation shielding: Tungsten plates are employed in medical equipment and radiation shielding applications due to their high density and radiation absorption properties. They can be used in X-ray machines, radiation therapy devices, and nuclear power plants to protect against radiation exposure.

Chemical and industrial applications: Tungsten plates are used in chemical reactors, heat exchangers, and other equipment that requires resistance to corrosive environments. Their high melting point and chemical stability make them suitable for handling corrosive substances.

Semiconductor industry: Tungsten plates are used as support structures and components in the semiconductor industry. They provide stability and durability in processes like sputtering, ion implantation, and chemical vapor deposition.



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