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Radiographic test for titanium alloy

Radiographic testing, also known as radiography or X-ray inspection, is a non-destructive testing method used to examine the internal structure of objects and detect defects or discontinuities that may not be visible on the surface. It is commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, construction, aerospace, and oil and gas.


In radiographic testing, X-rays or gamma rays are passed through the object being inspected, and a radiographic film or digital detector is placed on the opposite side. The X-rays or gamma rays are absorbed differently by the various materials within the object, creating a shadow image on the film or detector.


The resulting radiographic image, called a radiograph, shows the internal features, dimensions, and any defects present in the object. Defects such as cracks, voids, porosity, inclusions, or weld discontinuities can be identified and evaluated based on their size, shape, and location within the object.


Radiographic testing can be performed using either film-based radiography (traditional method) or digital radiography. Digital radiography uses a digital detector to capture the X-ray image, which can then be displayed, enhanced, and analyzed on a computer screen. This method offers faster results, better image manipulation, and easier storage and sharing of the radiographic data.


Radiographic testing requires specialized equipment, trained technicians, and proper safety procedures due to the ionizing radiation involved. Safety measures are taken to protect personnel from unnecessary exposure to radiation, such as shielding, distance, and time limitations.


This testing method is particularly useful for inspecting thick-walled objects, welds, castings, and complex assemblies where other non-destructive testing methods may not provide sufficient information on internal defects. It helps ensure the structural integrity, quality, and reliability of components and structures.

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