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High Temperature Tungsten wire ropes for monocrystalline silicon furnaces pulling system
Tungsten wire ropes also is called tungsten wire or tungsten cable in some countries. Tungsten wire rope finds common application in monocrystalline silicon furnaces. Tungsten melting point is 3422 ℃, tungsten wire rope can be high temperature resistant.... View More>>
Titanium and Titanium Alloy Tubes Applications and Advantages
Many industries use titanium and titanium alloy tubes because they are strong, resistant to corrosion, and lightweight. Industries like aerospace, automotive, medical, and chemical commonly use them. Titanium tubes have advantages. They are strong but... View More>>
Titanium pipe fittings applications and advantages
Titanium pipe fittings have a wide range of applications in various industries due to their unique properties. Here are some typical applications and advantages of titanium pipe fittings: Chemical Processing: Titanium pipe fittings are commonly used in... View More>>
Tungsten crucible typical applications and advantages
Tungsten crucibles are commonly used in various industries for their unique properties and advantages. Here are some of their applications and benefits: Applications: 1. Semiconductor Industry: Tungsten crucibles are widely utilized for the growth and... View More>>
Nickel pipe fittings typical application and advantages
Nickel Pipe Fittings Typical Application and Advantages: Nickel pipe fittings have a wide range of applications across various industries such as plumbing, chemical processing, oiland gas industry, power generation, food and beverage industry etc. N... View More>>
Waterjet cutting for titanium metal
Are You Searching For Titanium Water Jet Cutting Services? Hengze Industry Co., Ltd offers precise water jet cutting of titanium materials with our advanced technology and experienced team ensuring clean cuts without heat-affected zones or distortion.... View More>>
Titanium fittings for PTA
Titanium and titanium alloys have wide-ranging applications in the PTA (Purified Terephthalic Acid) industry due to their excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Here are some key points regarding the application of titanium in PTA devices... View More>>
Titanium fittings for chlor alkali
Titanium fittings are commonly used in chlor-alkali applications due to their excellent resistance to corrosion from chlorine gas, caustic soda (sodium hydroxide), and other chemicals involved in the chlor-alkali process. Here are some key points about ti... View More>>
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